Kevin Gale

Group Operations Director

Kevin Gale BIO IMAGE

Kevin has over 30 years of public transport experience and spent 22 of those in UK rail where he was Operations Director of the UKs largest train operating company before joining National Express in 2013.

Kevin has held senior leadership roles for over 25 years and spent the first three years at National Express heading up the operations, maintenance and customer teams in the UK Coach business. He went on to spend 18 months in Germany leading our new rail business before returning to the UK to the role of Chief Operating Officer.

In late 2018 Kevin joined the Group Executive team and took on the role of Group Operations Director and led the Group's Excellence programme with a particular focus on improving operational performance in North America. He is now focussed on developing and implementing our group wide quality management system. Kevin is a Fellow of both the Chartered Institution of Railway Operators and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.