Carolyn Flowers

Independent Non-Executive Director

Carolyn Flowers


June 2021



Carolyn has held several significant leadership roles in the North American passenger transport industry, in both the private and public sectors. She served for many years as Chief Operations Officer for Los Angeles Metro and the CEO of the Charlotte Area Transit System, following which she worked for a number of US State Transit Authorities and the US Federal Transit Administration. She currently serves on several transportation industry and trade non-profit boards and advises on US infrastructure development at InfraStrategies.

Key strengths in support of the Company’s strategy:

  • Deploys her significant experience of and expertise in North American transit operations to support and challenge executive management in applying the Company’s consolidate and compound customer proposition as comprised in its Evolve strategy to the Company’s North American transit business 
  • Uses her experience of being a customer of North American transit services to support executive management and the Company on its pathway to achieving the most satisfied customer outcome of its Evolve strategy

Current external appointments: 

  • Partner and Managing Principal, InfraStrategies LLC