Our Vision and Purpose

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Our vision is to be the world’s premier shared mobility operator



Our purpose is to lead the modal shift from cars to mass transit

The safest

We will lead the industry in safety by continually driving down accidents

More than anything else, we value the safety of our customers, employees and the public generally. This priority is reflected in our policies and behaviours - the way we do business.

Sustainability strategy: We move people

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The most reliable

We will lead the industry in reliability by striving for ever increasing levels of punctuality, and driving down cancelled services and lost miles

Through excellence in reliability we will meet customer expectations, deliver industry-leading services, be a recognised as a willing and constructive partner.

Sustainability strategy: We move people

The most satisfied customers

Our customers will rate us the highest in the industry

Customers lie at the heart of our business, and maintaining their loyalty is key to our success. Everything we do focuses on exceeding our customers’ expectations for safe, clean and reliable services at a fair price.

Sustainability strategy: We move people

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The employer of choice

The be the place to work in mass transit.

We will embed a high performance culture that attracts and retains the best people. Delivering on our vision and for our customers is only possible if we are a good place to work. National Express recognises that our workforce is our greatest asset and we want each of our 48,000 employees to reach their full potential and to give their best.

Sustainability strategy: We act responsibly

The environmental leader

The world's greenest mass transit operator; a trusted partner in the communities we serve.

As a transport company, we don't just move vehicles. We are proud to play a vital part in our communities - whether that's getting people to work, taking them to see loved ones, effectively managing our environmental impact or, above all, taking children safely to and from school.

Sustainability strategy: We respect the planet

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We aim to be the safest, cleanest, most reliable, convenient and best value transport provider in the modes we operate.

Our history

View the key events in the development of Mobico Group. 

Our strategy

Our Evolve Strategy sets out how we will drive the business forward.