Creating long-term value

Creating long-term value for stakeholders and wider society

benefits to Mobico group

Sustainable long-term growth

Our strong relationships with customers, suppliers and government bodies, combined with experienced colleagues, in-depth knowledge and considerable scale in terms of resources and geographical spread, enable us to drive sustainable long-term growth. We take a long-term view to the planning and utilisation of our resources, and to the organic and inorganic opportunities for growth.

Strong financial returns

We utilise our resources and relationships to achieve strong financial returns. By growing revenue, converting it to profit and delivering cash flow, we provide the ability to invest for growth, maintain a strong balance sheet and provide returns to shareholders. In the 10 years prior to the pandemic, National Express delivered a revenue and profit compound annual growth rate of 6% and 7% respectively.

0.4 Bus Breakdowns Per 100000 Miles In School Bus
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benefits to society

Social mobility

Our services connect people to each other and to places of work, education and healthcare.

Reduced pollution and improved air quality

Many of our existing diesel vehicles already emit lower emissions than the average family car. By driving modal shift from private car to public transport, as well as transitioning our fleet to zero emission vehicles, we can make a significant impact on reducing pollution and improving air quality.