Our businesses

Mobico Group operates transportation services in 12 countries (UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Morocco, Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Bahrain and KSA) with some international coach services to other European countries.

We hold the largest market share for long haul coach transport in both Spain and the UK, and are the second largest school bus provider in North America. We also operate urban bus and transit operations in the USA, Canada, Morocco, Spain, Ireland and the UK, and rail operations in Germany. 

The Group earns revenue across a broad range of transportation services.

Revenue breakdown by business line 
School Bus Driver And Student Option 2

Student transport

North America school bus

Transit and Shuttle

North America
Copy Of IMG 6506 (1)
Copy Of Edit NX Elec Bus 500A

Urban bus


Regional/long haul coach

ALSA regional and long haul, UK coach
Copy Of DSC7430
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Charter, private hire and leisure

North America, ALSA and UK


German Rail
Copy Of German Rail

Our Vision and Purpose

Our vision is to be the world’s premier shared mobility operator. Our purpose is to lead the modal shift from cars to mass transit

Our strategy

Our Evolve Strategy sets out how we will drive the business forward.

Business model

We believe that the Group has created a number of value drivers that differentiate us from our peers as a leading operator in this critical sector.