Our strategy

The  Evolve logo  Strategy

We have a clear vision and purpose, which drives everything we do.

We deliver this through five customer propositions which are enabled by focused application of technology to deliver superior outcomes for all our stakeholders.

Our vision and purpose

We’re leading modal shift from cars to mass transit towards greater social moblity with better access to healthcare, education, employment and leisure.

Our culture

We're encouraging openness and collaboration across our group, sharing best practice and nurturing a more diverse and inclusive culture.

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Our five customer propositions

Reinvigorate public transport

Grow the use of public transport in cities suffering congestion by building partnerships with stakeholders who want sustainable solutions.

Marka Evolve Icons Black Outline RGB Reinvigorate Public Transport

Consolidate & compound

Consolidate fragmented markets and create ‘at scale’ operations to drive operating efficiencies and better customer solutions.

Marka Evolve Icons Black Outline RGB Consolidate & Compound

Multi-modal expansion

Build more modal capability and city hubs from existing locations where we already have a physical footprint.

Marka Evolve Icons Black Outline RGB Multi Modal Expansion

Operational transformation

Application of our processes and know-how to drive efficiency, operational improvement and lower costs.

Marka Evolve Icons Black Outline RGB Operational Transformation

Fill the transit gap

Encouraging modal shift away from private cars in areas that are poorly served by public mass transit.

Marka Evolve Icons Black Outline RGB Fill The Transit Gap