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We have a clear vision and purpose, which drives everything we do...

...We deliver this through five customer propositions...

...Which are enabled by focused application of technology...

...To deliver superior outcomes for all our stakeholders...

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Our five customer propositions

Reinvigorate public transport

Grow use of public transport in cities suffering congestion by building partnerships with stakeholders who want sustainable solutions

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Reinvigorate public transport is…

rebuilding confidence in the public transport system by offering high-quality operations that passengers want to use

  • We have consistently demonstrated our ability to reverse declining passenger trends when we have taken over troubled contracts
  • We grow use of public transport by building partnerships with authorities that want sustainable solutions to congestion and pollution
  • We enhance social mobility
    in the communities we serve
  • Strong pipeline of opportunities worth c.£400m of revenue

Case study

Casablanca and the West Midlands

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Multi-modal expansion

Build more modal capability and city hubs from existing locations where we already have a physical footprint

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Multi-modal expansion is…

expanding the breadth of our product offering, based on global know-how and local relationships

  • There are opportunities to “land and expand” as we enter new cities
  • We have already implemented this in cities such as Birmingham, Chicago, Coventry, Madrid, Marrakech and New York
  • We will build more modal capability and city hubs from existing locations
  • Strong pipeline of opportunities worth c.£300m of revenue

Case studies

ALSA: Madrid

National Express acquires ALSA
Expansion in Long Haul and Urban bus
Started operating Madrid City Tours
Further expansion of Urban bus
Entry into Taxi and Car Transfer market with ALSACab and Uber
Corporate Shuttle and expansion of Urban bus
Expansion in Taxi services and Urban bus
Autonomous bus service at Madrid University
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Operational transformation

Application of our best-in-class processes and know-how to drive efficiency, operational improvement and lower costs

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Operational transformation is…

driving growth by delivering transport solutions more efficiently than our competitors through processes enabled by technology

  • Operations playbook - the NX way: our way of doing things
  • Globally consistent processes: ability to rapidly implement and scale
  • Opportunities to drive change:
    • Implement operational blueprint at scale
    • Turn round under invested operations
    • Modernise
  • Strong pipeline of opportunities worth c.£200m of revenue

Case study

UK & Germany: NEAT

  • Rapid improvement in service through digitalised processes:
    • Data driven routing driving efficiency– Real-time performance information,
      journey tracking and logging
    • Safety technology reduced costs of claims
  • Improved quality of service and contract profitability and won additional business
    in Birmingham and nearby councils
  • £1.1bn Special Education Needs market growing at 8% CAGR
    • NEAT already the 2nd largest player
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Fill the transit gap

Encouraging modal shift away from private cars in areas that are not well served by public mass transit

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Fill the Transit Gap is…

helping businesses and cities transition from the private car in places that are not well served by existing public mass transit

  • $2 billion US corporate shuttle market growing at 5% CAGR
  • WeDriveU serves many of the largest businesses on the West Coast
    and is expanding across the US
  • We are seeing increasing demand globally for B2B services
  • Opportunities to expand throughout our existing footprint
  • Strong pipeline of opportunities worth c.£300m of revenue

Case study

North America:  Shuttle

  • Acquired WeDriveU in 2019
  • Transporting employees and students
    to large and growing campuses where public transport provision is poor
    and environmental restrictions
    limit private car use
  • Helping successful corporations attract
    the best people and improve employee

Residential bus service

Passengers are picked up close to
residence and are driven to work

Intra-/inter-campus service

Passengers are transported around a large campus and to and from remote campus locations.

Last mile

Passengers are picked up from mass transit
or are shuttled to work from remote parking.

On demand

Private app-based service for employees
within geo-fenced locations.

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Consolidate & compound

Consolidate fragmented markets and create ‘at scale’ operations to drive operating efficiencies and better customer solutions

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Consolidate and compound is…

the consolidation of fragmented markets to bring the benefits of scale and consistent service

  • US School Bus: acquire ‘bolt ons’ at attractive multiples,
    drive c.15% returns
  • Spain: consolidate regional and urban services from initial acquisition point
  • UK: demand aggregation of fragmented private hire and accessible transport markets
  • Selective, larger acquisitions to step-change / accelerate capabilities
  • Strong pipeline of opportunities worth c.£300m of revenue

Case study

UK & Germany: NETS

  • Consolidating small regional businesses into NETS – our
    Transport Solutions business
  • Leveraging the National Express brand and reputation for customer service and safety to drive consolidation in a large
    fragmented market
  • Shared infrastructure driving efficiencies and providing
    competitive advantage
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Underpinned by our focussed application of technology