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Copy Of NE SS 2022 HUG 039 V2 (1)

As well as the role public transport plays to support decarbonisation, the industry also has a key role to play in driving social mobility. This has never been more important than in the current economic environment where public transport provides affordable access to work opportunities, healthcare and leisure.

A recent review undertaken for the Department of Transport (DfT) noted that transport is an important facilitator of social inclusion and wellbeing which can affect social and economic outcomes and therefore inequality.

  • Safety remains our number one priority and is a key outcome of the Evolve strategy: To be the Safest. We are proud of our industry leading track record and we are continually refreshing technology and innovation to maintain our leadership position.

    The Company has a robust range of safety systems that are anchored in our ‘Driving Out Harm safety ‘programme that was put in place in 2011 and is continually updated. Each Division has detailed safety plans. In 2022 ALSA focused  in particular on predictive management of drivers using artificial intelligence; a roll out of additional monitoring systems; the management of minor speeding events as well as the promotion of employee health and well being. In the UK, the business has been working with simulator training suppliers to obtain best practice, such as Cranfield University Transport for the West Midlands Metro  and Coventry University. The business has also been working with Senseye (Tenshi) to quantify ways to detect fatigue. North America has also adopted AI technology to identify and mitigate risk triggers. 

    We are very pleased that overall we were able to match our best ever Group FWI index safety in 2022 (previously achieved in 2019).

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