Sustainability strategy

Driving the modal shift and decarbonising the shared mobility sector

Our Purpose and Vision align with the most pressing themes facing the world today. At the global level this is represented by the response to the global climate crisis. At the local level we are delivering solutions that support our stakeholders with the clean air agenda and decongesting our cities: providing accessible, clean, safe, reliable public transport services for all.

As we lead the modal shift away from private vehicles to mass transit we are able to positively impact the communities we serve and create value for all our stakeholders as well as quality employment for our 46,200 colleagues around the world.

At the same time, we are delivering profitable, sustainable growth for the benefit of colleagues, customers and client bodies around the world. By creating strong partnerships with stakeholders and our customers, we are opening up new opportunities as the transport sector undergoes a structural shift towards sustainable mobility.

In the UK, the Climate Change Committee forecasts that by 2030, around one in ten car journeys will need to be taken by bus instead of private cars if the UK is to remain on track for net zero by 2050.

In the US, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package includes $39bn of new investment to modernise transport systems to drive climate and social benefits, while in Spain, the government is planning to invest €13bn in the transition to electric vehicles.

Our expertise in managing the transition to Zero Emission Vehicles for public transport will play a significant role in accelerating modal shift, decarbonising travel, and building greener, more liveable cities.

We know what it takes to make passengers leave their car keys at home: safe, reliable, clean public transport delivered by empowered employees to loyal and satisfied customers. These are the pillars of our Evolve strategy.

Bus Passengers Photo By Annie Spratt (1)
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