Double award win for Alsa

25 January 2024 9:00 AM

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Spanish transport operator Alsa, part of Mobico Group, has had a double win at the start of 2024, with recognition for its commitment to its people, and for outstanding international projection.

Last year, Alsa was the first mobility company in Spain to obtain the Top Employer certification, and this year has recognised again as Top Employer Spain 2024, underpinning the strategic commitment of the company to excellence in people management.

Top Employer is a certification programme used to review people management initiatives implemented by companies based on six categories: Lead, Structure, Attract, Develop, Engage and Connect. The certification is awarded having completed a comprehensive assessment process, only held by a few companies in Spain, and Alsa is the only company in the mobility industry holding it.

Alsa award event

Alsa has also this month received the Internationalisation Award for its outstanding international projection, in the 21st edition of the Internationalisation Awards awarded every year by the Exporters and Investors Club.

These awards recognise the work done by Spanish companies with international activity, as well as the support received from public and private entities, all of them contributing to the internationalisation of the Spanish company.

In addition to Spain, currently Alsa is present in Morocco, France, Switzerland, Portugal and Saudi Arabia, operating a diversified portfolio of urban, metropolitan, long haul, sightseeing and transfer transport services.

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