Alsa starts six urban lines in Geneva with 100% electric fleet

19 December 2023 12:00 PM


Spanish mobility company Alsa, part of Mobico Group, this week began to operate six new lines in Geneva with a fleet of 100% electric vehicles, becoming Transports Publics Genevois' (TPG) first urban operator that uses ZEV. 

The new services, awarded to Alsa last year, saw the business invest in 22 new electric vehicles and four reserve hybrid buses, and new facilities in Satigny, equipped with the recharging infrastructure for the new electric fleet and for future growth.

Alsa began operating in Geneva city in 2018, with two lines, and now with these new lines will provide services for more than 3 million passengers a year, with 200 vehicles and more than 300 employees for next year. 

The business has created a mobility hub with a diversified portfolio of services operating, in addition to the urban transport, Alpine transfers; school transport; tourist services and discretionary services; as well as international routes from Switzerland to Spain and other European countries.

Miguel Pérez-Juez, Managing Director of Alsa International and M&A Division, said: "The start of the new contract has positioned us as one of the top private operators in Geneva, at the forefront of sustainable mobility. 

"Thanks to our excellent local team and the know how we are gaining in the operation of ZEV fleets, in such an innovative network as TPG, we will be able to face up to the new international growth projects of the company, both in Switzerland and in the neighbouring countries".

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