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Community & Environment
Community & Environment

Our ambition is to be a trusted partner to the communities we serve.

Aim (the NX Difference)

To deliver our ambition we target:

  • 1% of PBT invested in community activities every year; and
  • stakeholder surveys demonstrating high trust scores.

people provided employement through partnership with Integra Foundation in 2020

Approach (the NX Promise)

Across the Group, we engage with the communities in which we operate in a number of ways. This takes the form of financial donations, gifts in kind or through employee volunteering. Each division has its own approach to community engagement which reflects local needs and priorities. A common theme is our support for young people -helping them to progress and succeed in life.

Aside from the specific initiatives we support, we recognise that our core activity - in providing great value multi-modal services - supports social mobility in the communities we serve.

Progress during the year

Despite the restrictions which Covid-19 imposed, we have continued in 2020 to progress community initiatives within the divisions.

In North America, we launched Partners Beyond the Bus which links each depot to support a local cause. Local teams are able to build a relationship with a cause which is relevant to them, and provide support through volunteering or fundraising. ALSA continued its partnership with the Integra Foundation which provides work experience placement leading to permanent jobs for people who are social excluded or have a disability. By 2020 we had provided employment for 40 people through this partnership.

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In the UK, our partnership with The Prince’s Trust continues to support the development of young people. With Covid-19 changing how fundraising events took place, we switched our provision of coaches for the Trust’s Palace to Palace cycle ride to sponsorship of participant thank-you packs.

With Covid-19 creating specific needs to support vulnerable and shielding people, we mobilised our employees to provide assistance. In Spain, the UK and North America, vehicles were repurposed to provide transport for the health services and to make food deliveries. This support was publicly recognised and appreciated by many of our local stakeholders.

National Express Group in the community

Managing our community engagement

Our Community and Environment Value is delivered through specific initiatives in each our operating businesses.

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We operate both Group-level initiatives and business-specific programmes. Often our activities are conducted in partnership with other organisations. Some of our activity is also led by our employees. All endeavour to support our Community & Environment Value.

At Group-level, our principal activity is our support for the National Express Foundation, an independent charitable trust, which was founded to address issues impacting on young people in some of the key areas where the company operates in the UK. National Express has pledged long term funding to grow the work of the Foundation.

In the UK, we encourages its employees to participate within its local communities by actively promoting Payroll Giving and also supports employees' personal fundraising and volunteering activities through its Employee Charity Panel.

National Express Foundation

The National Express Foundation supports young people to succeed in life. It is a key activity in support of our Community Value. Watch our video which provides a summary of its work.


Case studies

Find out more about the communities we support in our case studies.

Charity support

Our support for charity partners funds the delivery of many social and community support services.

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Employee support for charities

We encourage our employees to get involved in their local communities, through volunteering or fundraising for local initiatives. A large number of local charities benefit from these activities. We also encourage our employees to make use of the company's Payroll Giving facility.

During 2009 we launched our Employee Charity Panel to encourage and support more staff to get involved with the community. Employees can apply for funding to support any charitable or community initiative they are personally involved with.

These applications are reviewed by our Employee Charity Panel who meet quarterly to identify and allocate funds for those charities that they think will benefit most. Successful Employee Charity Panel applications are actively promoted via internal channels and additionally generate news items in local newspapers.

Corporate support for charities 

In May 2012, we launched the National Express Foundation, to support the development achievement of young people through the provision of student bursaries and community grants. This is our principal channel for charitable support. You can find out more about the Foundation in its own section of the website.

National Express continues to support Transaid, an international development charity, in providing trainers to improve bus driving standards in Tanzania. Qualified trainers have been seconded to the Tanzanian National Institute of Training in Dar es Salaam to build the skills of local driving instructors, and improve engineering standards. 

In the UK, we are partners with the Royal British Legion and The Prince's Trust. Our relationship with the Royal British Legion forms part of our commitment to support the military and former service personnel. The Prince's Trust partnership forms part of our Youth Promise commitment.

In Spain, ALSA provides support to a number of organisations. Since 2007 it has been working with Unicef to improve the conditions in which babies are brought up in certain areas of Morocco. The next phase of the project will focus on the provision of neonatal and post natal care. 

In North America, Durham School Services adopted the Special Olympics as its number one charitable cause in 1996. 

In North America, we have also launched Partners Beyond the Bus which links each depot to support a local cause. Local teams are able to build a relationship with a cause which is relevant to them and provide support through volunteering or fundraising.

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What we don't support

The focus for our charitable support is in areas aligned to our business and our employees. We are therefore unable to support financial requests from individuals outside the business, political or denominational groups, arts or sports groups, medical and animal welfare organisations or building projects.

We don't support requests for advertising or sponsorship unless they are part of a project we are already involved with.

Because of the volume of requests we get, we are also unable to offer free travel for charity "jailbreaks" and other external fundraising events.

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