Alsa, passenger transport company with best reputation in Spain in 2024

05 July 2024 3:30 PM

Alsa Bus Portugal Image

Alsa, part of Mobico Group, has been selected as the company with best reputation in Spain in the passenger transport industry, according to the Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation (Merco), announced yesterday in Madrid.

In the transport industry ranking of this edition, Alsa holds the top position, followed by Renfe and IAG.

In the general ranking of the 200 top companies with best reputation in Spain 2024, Alsa held the position 47, being among the top 50 companies of the country, followed by Renfe (60), IAG (74) and Ouigo (169). The ranking this year is led by Inditex, Mercadona, Grupo Social Once, Repsol and Coca-Cola.

Merco is the benchmark monitor of reputation in Spain due to its ethical commitments and methodology, which it has been developing for 24 years. For the edition of 2024, Merco has completed 63,435 surveys, assessments and reviewed 28 information sources to conduct this business monitor, verified by an independent review by KPMG.

In this research, conducted by the Analysis and Research Institute, took part 1,195 managers, 703 experts in the business world, 400 managers of SMEs, and 8,923 citizens.

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