National Express West Midlands celebrates its longest serving engineer

08 August 2023 4:30 PM

Len Stanton National Express West Midlands

Len Stanton has been with National Express West Midlands for 72 years

National Express West Midlands is celebrating the remarkable 72 year career of Len Stanton, their longest serving engineer.

87-year-old Len from West Bromwich started as an apprentice aged just 15 with what was then the West Bromwich Corporation. He’s been at the West Bromwich garage since 1951.

Joining a six year apprenticeship straight from school and boasting an engineering career spanning over seven decades, his expertise and knowledge has earned the admiration and respect of his peers throughout National Express West Midlands.

From his early days as a young apprentice, Len consistently demonstrated exceptional skill and mentorship. He plays a critical role in helping to maintain the bus fleet and ensure vehicles are ready for service to take thousands of customers to school, work and shopping every day.

During his time at National Express West Midlands, Len has witnessed the evolution of the transportation industry. When asked what has changed over the years, Len explained

“Things here have definitely changed. We used to start engines with a starting handle! But it’s like an old coat, you just fit it on. Whatever happened I just got my head down and did my job.”

John Guest, a fellow National Express West Midlands engineer, said:

“I’ve known Len since 1978 when I started here as a youngster myself. Over the years I’ve learnt a lot from him. He’s a rock - he’s always been there. 

“He’s become part of the furniture here at West Brom garage - half the garage was built around him and everybody knows him and what a character he is.”

Nigel Thomas, Fleet Engineer at the West Bromwich garage started as an apprentice learning from Len. He said:

“Len is a true gentleman and a father figure to everyone that comes to the garage. He’s always willing to share his wisdom and experience with the next generation of engineers. 

“I first met him in 1983 when I was an apprentice myself and what I learnt from him was invaluable. He’s always been very friendly, knowledgeable and a real good chap. On behalf of all of us at the garage we would like to say thank you to Len for all of his years of hard work."

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